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Management & Science University (MSU), Shah Alam, Malaysia
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Jacqqueliine Benita Paul

18 Jan 2016

Academically its it rather comprehensive and provides a lot of opportunities to get hands-on experience


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About Management & Science University (MSU)

Over three exciting decades have gone by and MSU is privileged to play its role in the development of human capital needs at the local and international levels. The challenges over the years have made us more resolute in our journey towards providing you with the best in higher education.

The thirty years have also seen ourselves grew from just a college to a Tier 5 Excellence rated University. This rating, accorded twice to MSU by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia has helped propelled MSU to be as one of Malaysia’s best. Our achievements are aligned to our objective of providing a quality driven education and learning experiences that will help shape your future.

At MSU, we give priority to our graduates employability, as such our focus on the industry relevant courses and ensuring that these courses meet current trends dictate much of what we have to offer students. Specialisations in Medicine, Health and Life Science, Nursing, Pharmacy, Business, Management, Accounting, Hospitality, Law, Computer Technologies and Engineering have complemented the marketability and the employability of our graduates.

A complete learning experience goes beyond academic achievements. Relevant personal enhancement experiences are also equally important as we mould our graduates to be competent professionals.

Be a part of our self­enhancement activities aimed towards nurturing your soft­skills attributes. From a range of community engagement efforts to activities aimed towards appreciating and preserving the environment, you will somehow find something to be engaged in while at MSU.


Management & Science University

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