Students and their First Credit Card – the Responsibilities that Come with a Piece of Plastic

A credit card is a valuable financial tool for anyone to have, but how would a college or university students be able to handle so much financial freedom responsibly? Read on to learn a few simple methods! Read more

20 April 2017

Get into the Best Universities with Oxford International College

Parents and students: the CEO of Oxford International College (OIC) will host an event in Kuala Lumpur to tell you how to get into the top and most prestigious universities in the world!   Read more

29 March 2017

Your Launchpad into the Media Industry

Jumpstart your media career with HELP University.  Read more

22 March 2017

ICSC2017: Meet your Future CEOs

University of Malaya Accounting Club (UMAC) has once again brought together students from various Malaysian varsities in this year's Intervarsity Corporate Strategy Challenge (ISCS201) Read more

17 March 2017

Foundation Studies at UCSI: Get the distinctive head-start

Why should you choose a Foundation in Science or a Foundation in Arts at UCSI University over other pre-university courses, such as A-Level, Australian Matriculation or STPM? Here are the reasons why. Read more

16 March 2017

Positive Overall Results for SPM 2016

SPM 2016 bests 2015 performance says Education Director General Read more

16 March 2017

Join us at SongkRUN Water Run 2017

If you haven't booked your tickets yet, now is your chance to do so!  Read more

15 March 2017

ColossusINNO2017: GEM's Breakthrough Funding Solution for ASEAN Entrepreneurs

Global Entrepreneurship Movement (GEM) continues to open doors for ASEAN entrepreneurs with their upcoming initiatives this year. Read more

14 March 2017

Just Graduated: Find Out How To Get The Most From Your First Salary

So, if you have just landed your first job, what should you do with your first pay?  Read more

13 March 2017

Facon Fair Lands in Johor Bahru

Here's a chance for students in Johor and Singapore to take part in the biggest education fair in the country from 11-12 March! Read more

08 March 2017