Interested in studying in Malaysia? Then you came to the right place! Wherever you are from, we can help you find the university or college you are looking for and make your dream to study in Malaysia come true. But, let us first start off by telling you what it is like to be a student in Malaysia.

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A Quick Intro to Malaysia


Malaysia is a vibrant country with 30 million people, located in the centre of South East Asia. However, Malaysia is actually more like two countries, at one side there is the Peninsula which is rich in colonial architecture, peaceful tea plantations and beaches with the clearest water. On the other side lies Borneo, home to remote tribes and orangutans, where you can also find wild rainforests and untouched mountains. People in Malaysia speak Malay, Chinese or Tamil, but with almost everyone you will be able to communicate in English.

Food wise, Malaysia is a paradise- and Malaysians love to talk about it. Due to Malaysia’s rich history its kitchen has been influenced by different countries. You will never have to search long to find a dining place; make sure to try the Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai and Durian, the king of fruits.

Don’t let the differences between Malaysia and your home country scare you- the local people will welcome you with open arms, and you will feel at home in no time. Furthermore, Kuala Lumpur’s airport has multiple flights in and outgoing every day to countless locations. Your home country will always be just a flight away, and your family is always welcome to come and visit.


Culture and People

Malaysia opens its doors to international students who want to pursue their higher education in Malaysia. A combination of urban landscape and rural areas, students can enjoy the comforts of city living and spend their days at one with nature once they choose to settle and study in Malaysia.

Aside from its astounding beauty, Malaysia's diverse culture is one of the main reasons why it is one of the best destinations for those who want to study abroad, with three major ethnicities – Malay, Chinese, and Indian – plus a mix of other nationalities calling Malaysia their home. It is no wonder that in 2015, as many as 63,625 international students were interested in continuing their education in Malaysia and becoming part of this great mixture of people.


Cost of Living

The cost of living in Malaysia is more economical compared to other popular study destinations. With so many options to choose from – for food, clothing, and accommodation – students are sure to find something that fits their budget and desires. 

Below you can find a list of items which most students find important, so you can roughly calculate your monthly expenses. These are average prices, if you look further you can definitely find cheaper alternatives.

Description Cost in MYR Cost in US$
Accommodation (1 bedroom outside city center) 300 - 1,250 75 - 310
Transportation (metro between 2 stations) 1.20 0.30
Food (lunch) 10 2.50
Movie ticket 15 3.75
Mobile Internet (1.5GB for 1 month) 30 7.50
Beer (domestic 0.5 lt bottle) 9.50 2.40
Clothes (1 pair of Levi's jeans) 230 57.50
2 nights & 3 days trip to an island (e.g. Langkawi, Tioman, Redang, etc) from 350 from 90


Education in Malaysia

Choosing Malaysia’s Education system is a top choice which many international students have made before you- Malaysian studies are reputable and the tuition fees are low. Also, following a higher education in Malaysia is growing in popularity which means you will end up in a classroom full of people from all over the world.


Tuition Fees

For most international students tuition fees are the biggest concern- that is why on our website you can compare tuition fees to find the study you like and can afford. However, to give you a general idea of the tuition fees of Malaysian Universities you can see the ranges per level below.

Study Level Tuition Fee, Per Year, in MYR Tuition Fee, Per Year, in US$
Foundation / Pre-U Between 8,000 - 23,000 2,000 - 5,750
Diploma Between 6,000 - 30,000 1,500 - 7,500
Bachelor's degree Between 9,000 - 40,000 2,250 - 10,000
Master's degree Between 13,000 - 40,000 3,250 - 10,000


Universities in Malaysia

An international student can choose to study either at a Private or Public school located in Malaysia’s Peninsula (East Malaysia) or in Malaysia’s Borneo (West Malaysia). The lively city of Kuala Lumpur, home of the world-famous Petronas Twin Towers, has many high ranking universities, including Universiti Malaya (UM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) and Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). Laid-back city of the south, Johor Bahru has Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), while the “Pearl of the Orient” Penang has Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Australia's Curtin University and Swinburne University of Technology have found homes in the exotic Sarawak, while "Land Below The Wind" Sabah has Tunku Abdul Rahman University College and Universiti Malaysia Sabah.


Top 10 Universities in Malaysia

Malaysia's top 10 universities are listed in the infographic below. Five of them are even in Asia's top 100 universities according to QS University Rankings: Asia 2016.

Top Ten Unis in Malaysia


Admission Requirements

To study in Malaysia you will have to speak English, since the courses will be taught in English. Also, some universities require you to take an English proficiency test like TOEFL or IETLS, which you can take in your home country. Don’t worry if your English is not so good yet, most colleges in Malaysia offer English proficiency classes to improve your English further. Besides, there is no better way to learn a language than to be surrounded by English speakers at your Malaysian University.

Universities in Malaysia generally do not require international students to make any admission tests. You can apply using your high school diploma/certificate and recommendation letter.


Student Pass and Visa

There are a few more things you have to take care of in order to become a student in Malaysia. To enter Malaysia as an international student you will have to show immigration a Student Pass approval letter. Once your application to study at the university is accepted, the university will apply for a student pass for you. The immigration will look at this application and will send you an approval letter. With this letter you are ready to get on a plane towards Malaysia, but before you do send your university the details of your flight.

A representative of your university will be waiting for you at the immigration check-point at the airport in Malaysia. There you will be given a Visa which will be valid for six months. The immigration department will also issue you a Special Pass which you need to receive your Student Pass. Within two weeks after arrival, you can visit the nearest Immigration Department to receive your Student Pass.

Your University is required to submit some important documents in order to apply for your Student Pass. The documents they will request are:

  • An official letter of acceptance from your University
  • A filled in Student Application form
  • Three photos of you, passport-sized
  • Two photocopies of your passport
  • A copy of your medical health examination report
  • Evidence that you are financially stable enough to pay for your education and cost of living
  • A Personal Bond which has been signed by your University, you will have to pay for the document fee (between 200 and 2.000 RM, depends on which country you are from).

This might all seem a bit complicated, but don’t worry, your university will guide you through this whole process and make sure you will not miss any steps.


Spare time

After all the lectures and hours of self-study, you will probably want to have some fun as well. There is enough to see and do in the cities of Malaysia, take Kuala Lumpur for example, at daylight you can explore China Town, go up the Petronas Towers or go shopping in one of the mega malls. If you like partying you also came to the right place, Changkat and Bangsar is full every night of people who are singing karaoke, dancing or just hanging out.

If the city life is getting a bit too much you can easily escape it with a bus trip to the cultural Malacca, food paradise Penang or enjoy the beautiful tea-fields of Cameron Highlands. There are also jungles and mountains where you can go hiking and experience the most unique of views. And don’t worry if you are not into that stuff, there are enough beautiful beaches with the clearest waters where you could spend your weekend tanning, snorkelling or diving.

Travelling a bit further is also super easy, Malaysia’s airline Air Asia offers cheap flights to countries nearby like Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Prices are sometimes as low as 80 RM for a round trip, combined with the short flight times this is a great opportunity for a weekend or holiday away.

There is so much to do and see, you will not find a dull moment during your time in Malaysia!


Our only goal is to help you find the study and university which fits you best, look around at our website and compare universities and courses with each other and apply for more information. To continue your future studies abroad is a big step, we know that all too well, that is why we are here to help you with this process. You, too, can study in Malaysia!