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About Diploma courses in English Language in Malaysia 

An understanding of the English Language can boost students’ future careers in a variety of fields, given that the language is used on a daily basis, in both speech and writing, within organizations. As such, studying a Diploma in English Language would open many opportunities to students, all while allowing them the choice of not having to full commit to a Degree course instead, although students can continue on with a Degree in English Language as well upon completing the two-year Diploma course.

Often enough, those studying the English Language are surprised concerning the depth and details which can be involved in the course, from linguistics to literature, with many subfields such as semantics and phonetics which may also be touched upon during the course of a Diploma in English Language.

Moreover, it is best to be aware that a Diploma in English Language is very much so unlike Certificates in English Language or English Language proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL – these are solely examinations taken by students to fulfill entry requirements into other Degree or Diploma courses.

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