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About Health and Medicine courses in Malaysia

Studying Health and Medicine introduces students to a wide range of subjects that fall under this umbrella, from Mental Health and Nursing to Optometry. One of the most enduring of courses and respectable of careers, Health and Medicine is always a reliable course to take up – given that you have the passion for it.

As far as studying Health and Medicine is concerned in Malaysia, many institutions in the country not only provide respectable medical courses but also have ties to prestigious university systems in the United Kingdom and Australia, while others have a more focused approach relative to Southeast Asia. Courses of study at both the undergraduate and graduate levels are offered, along with a variety of sub-disciplines and fields of specialisations to consider. However, if students hope to practice Health and Medicine in Malaysia, their medical degree and institution must be recognised by the Malaysian Medical Council.

What’s more, with prominent Malaysian newspaper The Star revealing that Malaysia currently has a mere 7,000 specialists working in the field of Health and Medicine, the demand for specialists in this field continues to grow in Malaysia.


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