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Bachelor's Degree in Accounting & Finance in the UK

The Bachelor’s Degree, also known as the Undergraduate Degree or First Degree in the UK, is a higher education course in academic studies that offer pathways to a certification in areas that constitute the Bachelor of Arts (BA) or the Bachelor of Science (BSc). The UK offers over 50,000 undergraduate courses collectively at over a hundred universities, colleges and other higher education institutions all across the four nation states of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The degree courses offered in the UK are usually very specialised upon the first day of commencement, meaning students can focus on their chosen subject area from day one of the academic year. Some programmes offered however, possess some flexibility to allow students to explore the many facets involved in conjunction with the field of their study.

Bachelor’s Degrees in the UK often run for three to four years on a full-time basis. Some courses may even take longer. As a student studying under a bachelor level, subjects are often allocated as a single concentration, a combination of two in one course under the dual or joint honours course, or as a combination of several subjects known as combined honours. Most programmes have core modules as compulsory study units, and many courses present options for selecting other modules you as a student would rather take to build up a course suitable for your interests.

Some bachelor courses have extended to include a ‘sandwich’ year, whereby an additional year will be spent undergoing placement in the industry the student is studying for, and will serve as part of the course. For international students studying in the UK, this requires you as an foreigner to check for eligibility to work in the UK, or that your visa contains a statement of allowance for a placement course. The tier 4 visa for international students will allow this, but might be subject to certain conditions.

Studying Accounting and Finance at a Bachelor’s Degree level will expose students to basic academic studies in areas pertaining to potential careers in the fields of accountancy, auditing, corporate management, general business and finance. Studying Accounting and Finance in the UK will help you gain theoretical and practical understanding and skills demanded by employers and financial sectors worldwide.

Accounting is the system that analyses and keeps track of financial interactions both in a corporate setting, as well as privately and in small businesses to measure profits margins and for future planning.

To qualify to study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance, you will need to pass the General Entry Requirements as set by UK education standards. This usually means a pass equivalent to O and A Levels with specifications in Mathematics and English. As a Malaysian student looking to pursue this UK degree, you must have SPM passes and also STPM grades A to C in specific subjects. The Malaysian SPM is on par to the UK GSCE at A-C/ 9-4 and the STPM is grade A-B/1-4. When applying UEC results, Mathematics of grade A1-B6 or A1-C8 and English are of the most important subjects.

When submitting a foundation level qualification, it must have been MQA accredited and is at level 4. Diplomas must have been a year long as a full-time course and also is MQA accredited. There are many institutions in Malaysia dedicated to aiding students to further their studies to the UK for Accounting and Finance, offering foundations in Maths, Pure Sciences and English Language proficiency classes.

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