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TOC Automotive College

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Celebrating 12 Years Of Industry Partnership

17 Feb 2016

Petaling Jaya 4th December 2015 – On a night marked by gratitude and appreciation, TOC had the pleasure of opening its doors to honour its industrial partners who have stayed the course throughout its 12-year-long establishment.

Guests were treated to an array of delectable servings: canapes, light bowl food, ice cream specialities, and a range of beverages and cocktails. Many TOC partners took this opportunity to connect with fellow industry specialists who have been instrumental in shaping the landscape of the automotive industry in Malaysia.

Acknowledging its partners, some of whom who have been with TOC since its inception in 2004, TOC CEO Adelaine Foo highlighted how “at least one TOC graduate” is now working for each of the college’s industrial partners.

Adelaine also paid tribute and underlined the importance of its students to TOC, its partners and the industry as a whole. “Central to this is, of course, our students who not only connects TOC to you, our industrial partners; but, together with our technicians, is the backbone of our existence. Without technicians our industry cannot exist.”

Fundamental to TOC’s mission in helping automotive technicians gain wide-spread recognition for their talents and skills, Adelaine was quick to point out how TOC has been instrumental in championing the cause to changing public perception that vocational training is not as rewarding as the standard higher-level education. “For 12 years TOC has been at the forefront of challenging and changing these perceptions. And, most importantly, our students have been proving the point that a highly rewarding, respectful and long lasting career in the automotive industry is indeed achievable through dedication with a strong thirst for learning and professional application.”

"To change the perception of automotive technicians – to make it aspirational"

As part of TOC’s continuous efforts to foster partnerships that will enrich its students’ overall learning experience, Adelaine noted that the college has entered into a partnership with Caterham and Aylezo Motorsport this year. These partnerships have given TOC students the opportunity to run and participate in racing championships that offer a wealth of automotive experience and exposure.

Before ending her speech, Adelaine highlighted on the importance of TOC and its partners to work together in changing the perceptions of the public. “We also need to help each other for the future – in partnership – not only to produce technicians who are a perfect fit for the automotive industry; but also to change the perception of automotive technicians – to make it aspirational, to provide the foundation for them to develop into highly skilled professionals who are a credit to their automotive employers – you.”

The evening was brought to an end with a lucky prize draw and photography session to commemorate in what was an eventful celebration between TOC and its industry partners.

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