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Study Education and Teaching in Malaysia

Everything about studying education and teaching in Malaysia. Everything you need to know before pursuing study in Education and Tec

Male teacher writing on a blackboard.

The field of education is constantly evolving and improving each year. 

As a result, teachers play a significant role in determining the quality of education in a given country. 

If you aspire to cultivate tomorrow's leaders, pursuing a degree in Education and Teaching in Malaysia may be worth considering. 

Read on to discover more information.

Education and Teaching Summary

Education and Teaching is the study of sharing knowledge and skills with others so they can understand and master them.

The type of program you undergo in terms of level and specialization determines the class and characteristics of your students.

Teachers should have their specialization, skills, and focused knowledge accordingly. 

The quality of education and teaching delivered will be better because professionals with the right expertise teach it.

For instance, if you specialize in Early Childhood Education, you can teach preschool students with your skills and knowledge.

Why Study Education and Teaching In Malaysia?

1. Teaching is a rewarding career

As you already know, education is vital in any part of the world. You will play a huge role as an educator who nurtures excellent students and future leaders.

2. Quality education system

Malaysia is widely recognized for its quality tertiary education. Students can expect to learn through various methods like lectures, seminars, workshops, and tutorials.

3. Professional networking opportunities

Many universities in Malaysia partner with related parties in the education sector, such as international schools and renowned primary education institutions that offer internship and job opportunities to promising graduates.

4. Specialisation opportunities

Malaysia has plenty of private and public institutions offering Education and Teaching, each providing opportunities to specialize in different areas. 

5. Career opportunities

Education is a broad profession. Graduates can have varied professional opportunities in schools, colleges, and universities.

What Level Of Education Is Available For This Course?

The following are the levels of education programs majoring in Education and Teaching:

  • Diploma
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Master's degree
  • Doctoral degree 
  • Certification: 2-8 months

What Are The Specialisations For Education and Teaching In Malaysia?

There are several specializations that you can choose from, which are:

  • Child Development
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Middle School Education
  • High School Education
  • Adult Education
  • Special Needs Education
  • Physical and Spiritual Health Education
  • Science Education
  • Guidance and Counselling
  • Curriculum & Instruction
  • TESOL and TESL

If you are struggling to find a perfect specialization in Education and Training, you can contact EasyUni Study Advisor via email and phone number. 

We are ready to assist you in finding the right specialization for your academic.

What Subjects Are Taught In Education and Teaching?

The list of courses is important for students to have an overview of what will be studied in college. 

Below are examples of specialized undergraduate courses majoring in Early Childhood Education at Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology (TAR UMT):

  • Creativity in Early Childhood
  • English Language
  • Child Psychology
  • Language and Literacy For Early Childhood Education
  • Family and Community Relations in Early Childhood Education
  • Teaching English to Young Learners
  • Mathematics in Early Childhood Education
  • Managing Behavior in Young Children
  • Social Studies for Early Childhood
  • Cognitive Development

What are the entry requirements?

Every university has different entry requirements, but generally, you need to fulfil the requirements below:


  • SPM/O-level: min 3 credits

Bachelor’s Degree

  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education or its equivalent

  • STPM: min CGPA 2.0

  • A-level: min 2 passes

Master’s Degree

  • A relevant degree qualification

Education and Training Study Duration

Below is the duration of the programme listed according to their study levels:

Foundation/Diploma: 2 - 2.5 years

Bachelor’s Degree: 3 years

Master’s Degree: 1 - 2 years

How Much Are The Tuition Fees?

The cost of studying Education and Teaching in Malaysia is different for every institution but the fees are estimated to be around the cost as the table below:

Foundation/Diploma: RM 15,000 - RM 17,000

Bachelor’s Degree: RM 20,000 - RM 60,000

Master’s Degree: RM 13,000 - RM 20,000

What Are The Job Prospects For Graduates in Education and Teaching?

Male and female teachers standing together.

Below are some of the possible career offers that you can get:

  • Elementary school teacher
  • Primary school teacher
  • Secondary school teacher
  • English as a foreign language teacher
  • Learning mentor
  • Teaching assistant
  • Education administrator
  • Early years teacher
  • Communication education officer
  • Special education teacher
  • Education advisor

Best Universities in Malaysia That Offer Education and Teaching Course

Malaysia has several choices of institutions with a good reputation for Education and Training courses. Here is a list of universities for you to choose from:


University name

University type


University of Malaya



Universiti Sains Malaysia



Taylor's University



University of Nottingham Malaysia



Management and Science University



UNITAR International University



SEGi University



International Islamic University of Malaysia


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