18 months
Study mode
Tuition fee (entire course)
Local students
USD 6,447
MYR 27,000
Foreign students
USD 7,020
MYR 29,400
Other costs
Other costs apply

About this course

The Master of Business Administration is a graduate programme in which the core disciplines of management, finance and accounting are enriched within the challenging management and business environment.                          

The programme features a mix of theoretical, practical and applied courses to be explored and developed over the two years academic programme. It is designed to develop and enhance the student’s understanding and expertise of key concepts and knowledge which can be effectively applied in the real world business settings. The programme is intended to produce competent, skilful and versatile managers and CEOs, who have the acquired leadership qualities and acumen, as well as management skills to embark on a rewarding career in managerial professions. 

Entry Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree with a minimum of Cumulative Grade Point A Requirement Average (CGPA) 2.5 or its equivalent qualifications as accepted by KUPTM senate;
  • A bachelor’s degree with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) below 2.50 out of 4.00 or its equivalent qualifications can be accepted, subject to a minimum of three years working experience;
  • 2 years of management-related work experience;
  • A recognised Diploma with 5 years of management related work experience.

English Language Requirement

  • A score of 550 in Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL);
  • Band 6.0 International English Language Test System (IELTS);
  • A degree (Level 6 MQF) from a university in Malaysia with English language as a medium of instruction;