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Raffles College of Design and Commerce, Australia


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Why Study in Raffles College of Design and Commerce

International Culture

Meeting new people: make friends with classmates from around the world, sharing languages, cultures and interests.

Industry Projects and Internships

Enhance employability by gaining real work experience before graduation – and get paid too!

Networking Opportunities

Meet industry professionals, be guided by professional international lecturers, win awards in competitions, and engage in educational field-trips.

Bachelor's Degree in 3 Years

Gain an internationally recognized degree in 3 years with high school certifications. (Please check for colleges offering accelerated programmes).


Latest Equipment and Applications

Academic Classrooms

Design Studios

Advanced Multimedia Environment

Courses Offered


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About Raffles College of Design and Commerce

Raffles College Pty Ltd (trading as Raffles College of Design and Commerce) is a unique education provider based in Sydney, Australia specialising in design, visual communication and business. We deliver premium vocational and higher education programs from Certificates through to Bachelor Degrees and Masters Degrees.

As an individual member of the Raffles community, we believe that students will be able to develop their knowledge and experience in the company of their peers. Our aim is to equip students with a strong set of skills and the ability to keep learning, enabling them to enter the industry confidently and continue to grow and develop as their career advances. The focus is on the student - their individual ambition and talent, their professional and personal development.

Whether you already have a career pathway in mind, or you’re unsure which direction to take, we can help you open the door to a future that’s full of possibilities. Our staff – your lecturers and the dedicated team supporting them – really want to inspire you to get the most out of your course.


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Raffles College of Design and Commerce Sdyney

Raffles at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia

Raffles College of Design 2012 Graduate Show

Raffles' Postgraduate Seminar Sydney 2014

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