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6 Hacks for International Students Studying in Australia

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff


jackie chan scratching his head cartoon sketch

If in your country you have credit and debit cards, Australia has the funny-sounding EFTPOS. That stands for Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale. It’s a convenient way of paying for things, so you better avail for one.

The Drinking Age is at 18 and They Mean It

I can drink now, I am 18 in dog years

Doesn’t matter how old you look if you are heading out  to a bar or club, you NEED ID (i.e passport) or a proof of age card Australia. Unless you ditch your frilly party dress and dig out your hottest pants.

Aussies Go Bananas With Footy

Australian Footy fierce players

Aussies have their own rules in playing their brand of football. They call it Footy. It’s pretty similar to American Rugby, but with absolutely no rules. It’s pretty barbaric, if you ask me. 

It’s 000 Not 999!

dial 000 in australia for help

When you are in dire need of an emergency assistance, you don’t call 999! Instead, you should call 000. It's pretty easy to remember just that at 999 is such a renowned rescue number.

Entrées Are Appetizers And Mains Are Entrées

seafood calamari fried food

Ordering an entrée means you’ll likely end up with a $25 plate of two or three scallops or a small salad. Head straight for the main dishes, mate.

Aussies Will Ask How You Are, But Nobody Really Cares

pooh not a single bother in australia

In Australia, “How are you?” isn’t a question at all. It simply means, “Hi,” and does not imply that the person is the least bit interested in your personal life. Harsh, I know. You can even put a hashtag on it.

These are definitely some of the things that a foreigner would definitely find odd but of course there are definitely goods sides to it, a lot actually. 

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