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Malaysian Institute of Baking (MIB), Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
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Why Study in Malaysian Institute of Baking (MIB)

Prepared Graduates

MIB prepares its graduates to tackle the complex culinary challenges of the future.

Employment Opportunities

The large number of companies that recruit at MIB confirms that MIB graduates are among the most sought-after.

Learning Experience

MIB programmes are committed to an intensive learning experience.

Build Leadership

MIB prepares students to exercise the leadership needed to obtain results through others.

Courses Offered


Sean Chua Eng Lam

29 Mar 2016

Its great, all the lecturers are nice and very friendly.


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About Malaysian Institute of Baking (MIB)

Malaysian Institute of Baking has been around since 1987 as the English Hotbreads School of Baking. Today we are an institute known as the Malaysian Institute of Baking, giving out not just certificates but also diplomas. That is the level of education and training we now provide. Our credentials include recognition by the prestigious City and Guilds International, London in 1992. Our syllabus meets its requirements in the range of courses offered. On January 13, 2003 we won approval from the Ministry of Education to be an institute with all the added features called for. That is all you need for taking advantage of a bona fide institute to lay the foundation for an exciting and rewarding career in pastry making and baking. Theory must be coupled with practice and for this we have all the facilities. They range from classrooms to practical workshops with the right equipment to minimise labour and put creativity where it belongs for mastery in your chosen field.

We have Don Yong as our mentor and hands-on chief instructor. He is Chairman, master-baker, author and self-confessed pastry-lover all rolled in one. He is a calling nurtured from young and which has developed into a passion for wanting to share his talent with others who see themselves similarly inclined. He has a family business started by his parents in the early sixties for a living. Now it is much more. It is about giving and taking the enterprise to greater heights with value added in the form of the institute, the MIB. The food business is a sure business, provided you put in your heart and soul. It is a cash business as Don’s mother was to tell him early on. Interest or desire, is the best starting point. Then it becomes a matter of training and hard work carried out intelligently, if joy is to be found in what you do. The rewards come naturally as a result.

With growing affluence and an expanding urban lifestyle, the finer things in life are increasingly in demand. So if it is pastry-making and baking you see as helping you tap into this demand, look no further - you have found your place!


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