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About Cresendo International College

Our Mission
We are owned by a public-listed company (i.e. Crescendo Corporation Berhad) and are entrusted to provide students with quality education, leading to world-class qualifications at affordable fees.

Our Definition of "Quality", and What It Means to You
"Quality" means having competent and passionate lecturers who lecture in ways students can easily understand, provide quality notes, and challenge them to think creatively and solve problems. In addition, the programmes offered by the University of London are world-class programmes, which not only enhances graduates' employability but are also a source of pride for our graduates.

Our Students' Achievements, Your Assurance
Crescendo students have won World Prizes in Cambridge A level exams, graduated with First-Class Honours from the University of London International Programmes (UOLIP), won World Highest marks awards in UOLIP exams, and won ACCA awards. Work hard and you may be our future achiever.

Our Philosophy: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Dreams
We strongly believe that education should be affordable - not an overburden to hardworking parents. And this philosophy is reflected through our motto: "Ordinary People, Extraordinary Dreams". By making fees affordable, we make higher education now accessible to the ordinary people. Students who previously didn't even dare to think of becoming a lawyer, an accountant, or university graduate, can now realise their extraordinary dreams through Crescendo. Our sincerest thanks also goes to PTPTN for providing students with study loans.

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