2 years
Apr Oct
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Tuition fee (entire course)
Local students
USD 15,522
MYR 65,000
Foreign students
USD 15,522
MYR 65,000
Other costs
Other costs apply

About this course

The Strathclyde MBA is the first full time one year MBA programme in the UK. The programme has been continually evolving, improving and striving to reflect current practice since 1966. 

The Strathclyde MBA is based on collaborative learning – students share work experience, knowledge, understanding and skills. While the Strathclyde MBA draws on a number of specialist areas, we do not aim to train specialists. Rather, our purpose is to develop you in diverse areas of management. 

This MBA will shape and guide you as reflective, open-thinking, adaptive learners. This is facilitated through enhanced understanding of the interplay of theory and practice in management. 

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum 25 years of age.
  • Degree with 3 years working experience or Diploma with 7 years working experience.