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Be there or be square: How to ace a Career Fair

June 22, 2018

EasyUni Staff

Perhaps you’re a fresh graduate on the hunt for your very first job; perhaps you’re a student craving for a glimpse into the working world; perhaps you’re an employee looking for different prospects. Regardless of the category you fall under, Career Fairs offer job seekers an event where they can intermingle with major employers who are themselves on the hunt for bright individuals to join their team. Instead of scrolling through countless job postings on a daily basis, waiting for weeks on end for an interview call, gearing up for it only to be disappointed in the end, why not consider attending a Career Fair?

As with job interviews, however, Career Fairs too require preparation prior to its launch – imagine an interview, multiplied a couple times over. It may sound overwhelming but on the bright side, it’s just one day, to give your all.

So you’ve decided to attend a Career Fair, hunt for that perfect job for you. But how does one ace it and know they’ve aced it? If you find yourself ticking off the below, it’s safe to assume you’ve done quite well for yourself.


Dress to impress

Man dressed in suit on street

While employers at Career Fairs may not hold long 1-on-1 interviews, it is advised to attend them as you would any other job interview. First impressions count, and it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Go for formal attire during Career Fairs – but maybe hold back on the heels, ladies! You don’t want to be struggling to make your way through the fair. Comfort should be key, too.


Don’t go empty handed


When attending Career Fairs, jobseekers should keep several resumes in hand, to share with potential employers. You don’t want to have struck a conversation with an employer and towards the end be unable to give them your details to be considered for the job position. Career Fairs usually list out which employers would be present at the event prior to it, so in keeping with that, jobseekers should take with them the corresponding number of resumes – keeping 2 resumes per employer is also suggested.

Along with your resume, you may want to take your portfolio along as well, with small stationary items such as a pen and notepad, kept in a small bag so your hands are free to use and greet other employers.


Do your homework

Woman doing research on laptop with coffee

As you would with any job interview, you must ensure to do some research on the companies present at the Career Fair prior to it. Most Career Fairs list out the employers which would be attending, so jobseekers should ideally shortlist and attempt to target specific employers in industries they are interested in. Read up on the company using their website and social media platforms, check to see if they have any job openings and the requirements for them so you can tailor your answers when speaking to specific employers.

While doing your research, try to pick a specific topic you can speak about when approaching an employer – showing genuine interest in a company tends to leave a lasting impression on employers, and if they are to remember you amongst hundreds of other jobseekers, well, you’re quite ahead of the game already!


Strategize your moves


Walking in and just ‘winging it’ isn’t suggested for serious jobseekers at Career Fairs. Having an effective game plan before you enter the fair ensures that you make the most of your time and effort. Prior to the Career Fair, shortlisting the companies most suitable for you and aiming to approach them first during the fair is advised. After you’ve completed your rounds with these employers, you can move on to discovering and speaking with other employers.

Moreover, if you want to go the extra mile, you can stop by your shortlisted employers once more before leaving the fair in order to thank them for their time and follow up as well. This works towards making an impact on the employer, showing your interest in their company and your enthusiasm to join them.


Get your Elevator Pitch ready

Meeting interviewer

An Elevator Pitch comprises of a short summary about yourself and your skills and goals, when it comes to Career Fairs. Ideally, these pitches range between 30 and 60 seconds – as long as an elevator ride, hence the name. Due to the large volume of potential candidates employers meet during Career Fairs, it is best to keep your Elevator Pitch short but valuable, so they may have an idea of what you can offer the company.

Prior to the fair, spend some time brainstorming a tailored and perfect pitch for you – and then practise! Practising your Elevator Pitch beforehand would also give you the confidence to speak and pitch yourself to employers at the fair.


Use it as an opportunity to network


Career Fairs are a great place to mingle and network with not just potential employers, but your peers as well. Make the first move to speak to fellow attendees; here, you will not only get to know more about other candidates like you and their previous work experiences, but you may also be able to build a database and friends who can connect you to an even larger volume of employers and job opportunities. You may all be competing for employers’ attention, but at the end of the day, each attendee has a similar goal in mind.


Follow-up is key


Go the extra mile after the end of the Career Fair and follow up with employers you had the opportunity of meeting – this will leave a lasting impact on the employer and lead to them remembering you, if not for current roles but for future opportunities as well. To do this, ensure you ask for employers’ business cards after having met them at the Career Fair. Drop an email, or ‘Connect’ with them via LinkedIn, thanking them for their time and your enthusiasm at potentially joining their company.


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