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About this course

Bradford Dementia Group is a multi-disciplinary and multiprofessional group, committed to making a difference to policy and practice in dementia care, through excellence in research, education and training. Our mission is to work with practitioners and professionals to improve the quality of life and care for people with dementia and their families. These programmes are suitable for people whose work (paid or voluntary) or the work of those that they manage or train brings them into contact with people with dementia. They are delivered by distance learning, making them accessible to students across the globe and are designed to be flexible to meet the needs of students who combine study with a busy working life.

Entry Requirements

Students should:

  • Normally be working in the field of dementia care or policy/administration; AND
  • Possess a first degree or equivalent relevant qualification or appropriate experience within the field of practice
  • Have the written support of their manager to undertake the course
  • For the Workforce Development pathway students should be working in a field which allows them to engage in activities related to dementia workforce development e.g. staff supervision, training, practice development initiatives and projects on a regular basis.

Level of English Required

  • IELTS at 6.5 or the equivalent.