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Keele University, United Kingdom
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About Keele University

Keele University was founded more than 60 years ago on the belief that we meet the demands of a new kind of society, economy and world, our principles resonate now more than ever.

It is nestled in 600 acres of countryside in the heart of the UK, many of the students and a number of staffs live, as well as study and work there. It is a big campus but a small and cosmopolitan community. Keele University successively rank at the very top of student satisfaction surveys because it’s more than green and lovely, it’s a place of research and academic excellence too. Whether it’s Health, Humanities and Social Sciences or Natural Sciences, whatever the area of study, Keele University delivers a unique and international learning experience. The university teaches in small groups, provides one-to-one access to our academics and values the quality of teaching as highly as research.

Keele has a vision to continue to be one of the UK's leading campus-based University communities, whereas have a mission to provide a high quality educational experience for students shaped by outstanding research, contributing positively to social, environmental and economic agendas locally, nationally and internationally.

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