Music (BA)

Course overview

Qualification Bachelor's Degree
Study mode Full-time
Duration 3 years
Intakes September
Tuition (Local students) $ 33,607
Tuition (Foreign students) $ 52,278





$ 33,607
Local students
$ 52,278
Foreign students

Estimated cost as reported by the Institution.


Data not available
Local students
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Foreign students

Student Visa

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Foreign students

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Entry Requirements

  • A-level: AAB-BBB, with an A or a B in Music.
  • WBQ: Pass in the core and grades AA or AB at A-level.
  • Int Bacc: 32 points, including 6 at Higher Level Music.


Year 1

  • The Full Works 
  • Composition 1a
  • Ethnomusicology I: Music in Human Life
  • Practical Musicianship I
  • Repertoire Studies
  • A History of Popular Music
  • Elements of Tonal Music I
  • The History of Musical Instruments
  • Elements of Tonal Music II 
  • Composition 1b
  • Fundamental Acoustics

Year 2

  • Composition II
  • Harmonic Practice 1750-1900
  • Orchestration I
  • Russian Music up to 1914
  • Analysing 20th Century Music
  • Music and Idea: from Enlightenment to Romanticism
  • Performance Practice
  • Formal Functions in the Classical Tradition
  • Studio Techniques I: MIDI and Synthesisers
  • French Music and National Identity 1848-1902
  • Orchestration II
  • British Music in the 20th Century
  • Opera from Handel to Weber
  • Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis
  • Jazz in the Modern World
  • Ethnomusicology II: Music in Cross-Culture Perspective
  • Issues in Popular Music
  • Practical Musicianship II
  • Contrapuntal Practice 1750-1900)

Year 3 (Final Year)

  • Dissertation (1-1)
  • Project in Music Analysis (1-1)
  • Project in Ethnomusicology (1-1)
  • Practical Musicianship III (Ensemble)
  • Practical Musicianship IV (Performance)
  • Composition IV
  • The Birth of Modernism
  • Nineteenth Century Italian Opera
  • The Romantic Opera and the New German School
  • Studio Techniques II: Audio and Hard Disk Recording
  • 20th Century Contrapuntal Practice
  • The Birth of Modernism
  • Innovation and Tradition in French Music
  • Idea of Absolute Music
  • Wagner and Romantic Opera
  • Notation and Editing of Early Music

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