Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, United Kingdom

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36 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES

London, United Kingdom

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About Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, United Kingdom (Summary, Fees, Scholarship, Campus Life, etc.)

We believe students learn best by working in small, highly focused groups around a single tutor or team for an entire year, allowing them to direct their own path through the school.

All learning in the AA School is very much project- and portfolio-driven. Students learn architecture and address the broad spectrum of associated professional and political issues by embedding these realities within the scope of a single, resolved design portfolio. The AA's famous 'unit system' of teaching and learning includes collective assessment and enquiry across all parts of the school. In addition to the innovative team- and group-based studio work of the graduate school, individual undergraduate student projects and portfolios are assessed at the end of each academic year by a panel of unit tutors, who collectively assess, discuss and debate the strengths, weaknesses and results of each and every project and portfolio within the school.

Taken together, our decades-long commitment to these three essential features helps to explain how it is possible that a single small and independent school such as the AA can continue so consistently discover, define, promote and disseminate new architectural agendas across the world.

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