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About this course

The Master of Business Administration program is designed for students who wish to advance their careers and contribute to their companies.  Partnering with the business community, the program emphasizes the skills needed to inform and guide organizational change.  Students in the program develop cross-functional business solutions to "real world" problems, and cultivate a broad critical perspective, interpersonal skills, and the analytical tools of management.  The program also emphasizes an appreciation of the international and ethical contexts of professional practice.  Students are encouraged to apply to the program regardless of their undergraduate academic specialization.

The MBA program is designed for part-time, working professionals; the program also accommodates those students wishing to pursue full-time study. Evening classes and summer course offerings make it possible for students to tailor the program to meet their individual needs.

The MBA program is comprised of 27 credit hours of core courses and 9 credit hours of elective courses. In addition, up to 15 credit hours of foundation courses may be required depending on a student's previous academic background.