2 years
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USD 22,210
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USD 22,210
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About this course

This program adds to teachers’ knowledge of teaching and learning in grades 1-6 by focusing on the multicultural dimensions of education in a diverse society. The program begins with a core component that addresses the philosophical, psychological, and social dimensions of multicultural education, focusing on critical pedagogy, multicultural materials, and methods that are social constructivist, antiracist, and global in perspective. The program includes a research component, in which candidates take a research course and design and complete a project or thesis. 

The MSED in Childhood Multicultural Education adds a vital element of multiculturalism to the School of Education’s graduate education curriculum ensuring that our candidates can assist all children in learning to their full potential. The Multicultural Education program is ideal for many teachers of grades 1-6 who wish to refine their general teaching skills rather than specialize in a particular area at the master’s degree level. Graduates will have special expertise in multicultural teaching methods, content, and theory to be prepared to meet the changing needs of education in our diverse society and the world. They will be able to teach children multiculturally with engaging, culturally sensitive, and developmentally appropriate materials.