2 years
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Tuition fee (entire course)
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USD 53,232
Foreign students
USD 53,232
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About this course

  • The program emphasizes theatre-making as an integrative practice. Each student develops a program of study that draws from courses in acting, Alexander Technique, breathing, comedic and dramatic improvisation, creation of original work, design, directing, history, movement, playwriting, solo performance, puppetry, speech, voice, and the art of bringing theatre into the local community through Theatre Outreach.
  • Each student’s course of study is unique. Students spend several days during registration week in one-on-one interviews with the faculty, which help students decide which “components” they will take. The program uses the term “components” instead of “courses” because it is possible, and encouraged, to take a component from the Music or Dance performing arts programs.
  • Graduate students work closely in classes, conferences, and productions with faculty, fellow graduate students, and the Sarah Lawrence undergraduate theatre community.
  • Graduate curricular work is augmented by a practicum in which students learn by doing. There are multiple on-campus production venues that offer graduate students a wide range of opportunities in acting, singing, dance, design, directing, ensemble creation, playwriting, and technical work.
  • The Outreach program provides students with teaching placements in elementary schools, colleges, senior centers, halfway houses, and prisons, among others.
  • Students may participate in internships or fieldwork in New York City theatres and theatre organizations.