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About this course

The Master of Science in Lighting is the premier master's level graduate degree offered in the field of lighting. This 30-credit, two-semester, multidisciplinary degree allows students to work closely with faculty at the LRC to study the various disciplines involved in lighting research and design. The two-semester program allows for a, "hands-on" study of lighting which culminates in a master’s project in the second semester during which each student studies a particular area of interest directly with a faculty advisor. Course content and curriculum in the M.S. in Lighting is continually updated to include the latest advances in lighting research, technology, and design to assure that students receive an education on the "cutting edge" of lighting.

The M.S. in Lighting program is geared toward students who wish to gain a broad education in lighting research and design while working closely with LRC faculty. Students who receive financial aid in the MS in Lighting program will work as research assistants at the LRC, allowing them to participate in a variety of research and design projects over the two semesters of the program.

This one-year degree program is also ideal for people with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to turn new, innovative ideas into viable lighting products or services. The program includes a concentration in product innovation and development, designed to help students better identify and understand industry opportunities and the innovation process with a focus on lighting products and services that benefit society and the environment.

Students completing the M.S. in Lighting degree can consider continuing on to further study in the Ph.D. in Architectural Sciences with a Concentration in Lighting, or other Ph.D. degree options, to prepare for university and/or advanced research careers.

Entry Requirements

English Language Requirement:

  • TOEFL: 570 (paper based); 88 (internet based).
  • IELTS: 7.0 minimum.
  • Other equivalent qualifications.