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Animation & Game Design is a five semester program that prepares students for positions typically found in small computer game production studios, computer animation studios, mobile game companies, casino game companies, and freelance opportunities. Animation and Game Design students develop a solid foundation in the creation of 3D models, animation, as well as strong scripting skills to help integrate art assets into game engines for a variety of interactive outputs.

Students will also focus on how games and interactive media are designed to interact with the audience effectively. A hallmark of the program is the Motion Capture (mocap) lab, which gives students the unique experience with capturing, cleaning and applying mocap to their projects for advanced characters and faster workflow. Students will work with 3D development software including Autodesk’s Maya, Motion Builder, as well as Adobe Photoshop®, After Effects, the revolutionary ZBrush modeling and texturing tool, and the Unity game engine. In addition to attendance in all courses, students will be required to complete out-of-class assignments. These assignments include but are not limited to reading, exercises and problem solving, projects, research, papers, and presentations. A student can anticipate out-of-class activities that equal about two (2) hours for every one (1) hour of lecture.

Upon successful completion of the program, students could seek or obtain entry-level employment in an animation and game design related field.