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USD 15,300
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USD 15,300
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About this course

The Heidelberg MME is a 30 semester hour program tailored to the needs and schedules of practicing teachers. Core classes are offered summer-only, although electives are available during the academic year. Program highlights:

  • Convenient schedule: all classes are offered in intensive 2-week blocks. Students can earn 5 hours in 2 weeks, or 10 hours in 4 weeks.
  • Classes meet during the month of June: keep some summer for yourself!
  • Core courses include 4 music education courses, music theory, and music history.
  • Excellent flexibility: wide variety of electives allow you to develop your own focus.
  • Tuition costs comparable to state universities.
  • Housing and meals available at very low cost.
  • Thesis or General Exam options.
  • 100% positive ratings from students.
  • All coursework can be completed in 3 summers.
  • The School of Music MME program accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM)