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The Doctor of Arts program gives students the opportunity to pursue advanced scholarly study of interdisciplinary content areas that can be utilized in a variety of situations. The degree program offers students the opportunity to pursue their self-designed studies in such a way as to enhance their breadth of applicable knowledge in the four concentrations of imaginative literature, natural science, philosophy and religion, and social science. This program of study requires students to complete sixty (60) credit hours of graduate credit beyond the master's degree level.

Students design their program of study as the culminating assignment in their first course, The Great Conversation: The Cornerstone Course, with the guidance of their Mentor. Students at Harrison Middleton University are enrolled in and complete one course at a time. Each course needs to be completed within sixteen weeks. Student courses will consist of a series of telephone or Skype discussions and an end-of-course essay.

Students are encouraged to be creative in the design of the program of study for the Doctor of Arts program. When students design their program of study, they are asked to carefully review the 102 Great Ideas and authors listed in the Syntopicon of the Great Books of the Western World. By perusing the Great Ideas and skimming the Great Idea(s) introductory essay(s), students can begin to explore those topics that interest them. Students may decide to complete an in-depth study of specific authors within the concentration(s) or may choose to study a combination of the two. In the two volumes of the Syntopicon, there are nearly 3,000 topics parceled out among 102 Great Ideas. In addition, the Inventory of Terms contains approximately 2,000 topic suggestions and concepts.

This interdisciplinary program, which encourages analytical and synthetic thought, hones research methods and improves written and oral communication skills, will also prepare students for a variety of fields which are enhanced by advanced training, including law, medicine, art, architecture, education, religion, science, business, engineering, civil service, publishing, and lifelong learning.

The Doctor of Arts at Harrison Middleton University is unique in the way the program is delivered - entirely via distance education - and provides a flexible, individualized, student-designed program of study. In this way, the manner in which the student fulfills the degree requirements can be tailored to each student's individual educational and career goals.