Anthropology and Sociology

Drake University
United States
Bachelor's Degree
Study mode
4 years
August January
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Entry Requirements

  • The TOEFL requirement is 71 for the iBT and the IELTS requirement is 6.0 in order to enroll in courses on a full-time basis. 
  • Other relevant qualifications accepted/recognised by Drake University.

*With the exception of the pre- pharmacy program, Drake offers conditional admission to students meeting the admission standards but who do not meet the language-proficiency requirements for immediate entry into a degree program. 


  •  Survey of Sociology    
  •  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology    
  • Two theory-intensive courses    

Choose from the following. One course must be in anthropology, the other in sociology:

  •  Feminist Anthropology
  •  Anthropological Theory
  •  Psyche/Self/Society
  •  Social Problems
  •  Sociology of Everyday Life
  •  Contemporary Chinese Society
  •  Social Structure/Social Change
  •  Technoscience Culture & Practice
  •  Deviance
  •  Global Citizenship
  •  Fem Theories/Subjectivity
  •  Social Stratification
  •  Documenting Lives
  •  Gender, Technology & Embodiment

Two research design courses. At least one course from anthropology or with advisor approval

  •  Documentary Video Challenge
  •  Ethnographic Methods
  •  Sociological Inquiry
  •  Migrant Oral Histories
  •  Art of the Interview
  •  Documentary Video Challenge
  •  Global Youth Studies
  •  Representing Race
  •  Ethnographic Methods
  •  Social Science Statistics
  •  Methods of Social Research

One community-engaged learning course. May not be double-counted as research design or theory intensive.  

  •  Migrant Oral Histories
  •  Intro to Race and Ethnicity
  •  Intro to Women's and Gender Studies
  •  Sociology of Childhood
  •  Art of the Interview
  •  Restorative Justice
  •  Documentary Video Challenge
  •  Representing Race: Life History Research
  •  Global Citizenship
  •  Social Stratification
  •  Sustainability and Social Justice on the Gulf Coast
  •  Contemporary Urban Mexico
  •  Senior Capstone

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