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About this course

The Master of Arts in Ministry (MAM) program is designed to provide professional ministry development, primarily in church and church-related ministries. Students receive foundational preparation for a broad range of careers. The career marketplace for graduates from the MAM includes pastors, church and church-related staff members, Christian education specialists, student ministry professionals, and specialists in children’s ministry.

This degree program provides individuals with contemporary biblical and theological scholarship that is transferable to ministry and brings vitality and commitment to service. This degree program endeavors to produce individuals who are marked by character qualities consistent with biblical servant leadership, competent in service to God and humanity through the use of essential skills in communication, leadership and management, and committed to a set of core values and beliefs that align with the historic Christian faith.

Entry Requirements

Write an autobiographical essay.This essay is designed to provide applicable life content as well as demonstrate the applicant’s writing ability. Applicants will be evaluated on: confirmation of acceptance of Christ as personal Savior, developments in spiritual growth, statement of ministry goals, and rationale for desiring a master’s degree. This autobiography has specific guidelines and is designed for assessing the above content as well as writing ability. 

Ask two people who are qualified to evaluate your ministry/work experience and potential, to complete the reference form on your behalf.