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About this course

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program offers working professionals an accessible yet rigorous graduate business program that can be completed in 12-30 months. The program teaches students the key concepts and equips them with the analytical and relational skills to make sound recommendations and decisions. The curriculum is designed to strike a balance between theory and practice, combining scholarship with practical experience and actual corporate case studies of business decision making. Students also elect an area of concentration based on specific interests and career aspirations.

The program provides the opportunity for students to develop sound analytical abilities, establish collaborative and team-building skills, and become aware of social responsibility as a factor in decision making. The curriculum also allows students to acquire an understanding of the global business environment and how it is affected by cultural and market diversities. Faculty lectures are combined with case studies and discussions, student presentations, and team projects. The accelerated and interactive classroom environment includes applied learning activities, use of new technologies in solving business problems, and independent field research and studies. International and national travel opportunities provide students with intensive boardroom field experience, where students get to dialogue with industry executives and government leaders. 

To accommodate busy schedules, classes are offered during the evening, online, and at select regional campuses, and students may take advantage of the multiple delivery formats to customize their education experience. Students are admitted to and can start the MBA program in any of the six termsduring the academic year.