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About this course

The success of all businesses depends upon having people who are well qualified and experienced to run them. This course combines practical and vocational learning, with the academic theory needed to understand the basis of different aspects of business. In essence, it provides a solid foundation to the subject.

Entry Requirements

Entry is likely to include at least one of the following:

  • A level 3 qualification, such as a BTEC National Diploma in Business
  • At least one GCE A level
  • Other equivalent level 3 qualifications
  • An Access to Higher Education Certificate

Students who do not have a formal level 3 qualification, but who have related work experience, will be required to prepare and submit an SPEL application to the admissions department. Applicants will be invited for an interview to ensure they can cope with a level 4 course. In some cases, they may be offered a set of units in the first year of the course to provide further development to higher education.