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The majority of CPD Framework modules are funded by the NHS and therefore you need to complete two application forms:

* A University of Worcester Application Form 
* Study Leave Form

University of Worceser Application Form
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Study Leave Form
All students employed by a Worcestershire or Herefordshire NHS Trust have to complete a study leave form if they want (a) to study in work time or (b) want the Trust to fund or part fund the course, or both. The Strategic Health Authority has asked that we only accept applications which are accompanied by a copy of an authorised study leave form.

Please ensure that funding for your study leave has been authorised by the Education lead for your Trust, before submitting your application, together with your study leave form.

Entry Requirements

Substance misuse is one of the most challenging issues facing modern society, and impacts upon the working life of many professionals.

This innovative and contemporary course from the University of Worcester enables participants to better understand the potential harm that substance misuse can cause, not only to the individual involved, but also to their family, colleagues and the wider community. Participants on the course are drawn from a wide variety of health, social care and criminal justice professions, including the probation service, nursing, midwifery. Whatever the extent of your professional exposure to those whose lives have been affected by substance misuse, this course will positively enhance your skills, knowledge and competence.

The focus of the course will enable you to improve and enhance service delivery, utilising comprehensive responses to service user experience and evidence-based developments within the field of substance misuse. You can expect:

An exploration of the terminology of substance misuse, including: problem use, abuse, misuse and dependence syndrome.

Understanding of the harm to the individual from legal and illegal substance misuse.  
Understanding assessment and management of management and risk.  
An exploration of public perceptions of substance misuse and how perceptions have changed throughout history.  
Understanding of the harm to the family and community from use of legal and illegal substance misuse.  
An exploration of dual diagnosis.  
Interventions and services for substance misuse.  
Understanding of a range of models of the causes of substance misuse.

The second part of the course has a work-based focus, allowing you to relate your studies directly to your own professional needs. As a study aid, and to assist in learning and teaching research activities, each student on the course is given an iTouch on which to record their study and work experiences.