3 years
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USD 12,682
GBP 9,000
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USD 12,682
GBP 9,000
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About this course

The aim of the PGCert in Medical Communications at the University of Worcester is to prepare bioscience graduates for a career as a Medical Writer by covering areas where candidates currently lack training.

Medical Writers are key to the dissemination of new scientific data and findings generated from drug studies – this is essential for a drug to progress from development stages to approval for the treatment of patients. Medical Writers use their scientific background to develop and manage scientific content for international congresses, medical journals and marketing/promotion.

The course will develop your awareness of the role of a Medical Writer, and enable you to identify specific healthcare audiences and to raise awareness via different modes of effective communications.

Data interpretation techniques will be developed, and you will gain an understanding of legislation involved with medical communications. You will also be trained in client relations, and introduced to clinical trial documentation and processes.