1 year
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USD 14,070
GBP 9,985
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USD 14,070
GBP 9,985
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About this course

Devised in collaboration with Birmingham City University, this is one of the first postgraduate programmes to be established in the West Midlands for case management for patients with long term conditions. It is an inter-professional programme including students from health and social care, allowing you to gain a wide range of case management skills and techniques to support your development in this new role. You will have the opportunity to engage with, and work alongside, experienced health and social care professionals in the area of supporting people with long-term conditions. You will gain leadership skills as part of your case manager development, which you will apply in practice.

Entry Requirements

Normally, you should have a degree or provide evidence of having studied at degree level. You should be registered with a professional body and have access to a practice area where you can work with a facilitator.