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About this course

The Health postgraduate diploma gives you the opportunity to earn a postgraduate degree and broaden your specialty knowledge. 

The course will benefit you if you are involved in public or community services in a professional or voluntary capacity and want to develop your skills and knowledge for personal or professional advancement.

You will be assigned a personal tutor and allocated a full consultation with the course team before selecting your modules and pathways. This ensures that you have a clear focus on your intended direction before you start the course.

We are known for our flexible approaches to practice-based learning, with course durations and intensities that can be adapted to your individual needs and outside commitments.

A wide range of optional modules means you can create your own study programme to suit your professional or personal aspirations. 

Our high quality teaching and research are renowned, and have an applied focus. We have established strong links with specialist practice educators to ensure the provision of support and guidance both within the university and in practice.  

Entry Requirements

Degree and/or experience

  • an honours degree from a higher educational institution in the UK (minimum of 2:2), or equivalent award from a European, or overseas higher education institution, and some public/health service experience
  • an appropriate professional qualification from a body that is represented in public/health services work plus minimum five years working in a public/health services organisation
  • an ability to demonstrate skills of applied learning
  • an HND, or diploma equivalent, in an area applied to public/health services, plus minimum five years working in a public/health services organisation
  • an ability to demonstrate skills of applied learning (for example successfully completing some Level 6 related modules at grade C and above).


  • Normally in, or recently in, public service employment or engaged in community or voluntary activity that gives direct understanding of the public service environment. Reflection on practice forms an important element of the learning.
  • Applicants unable to demonstrate one of the three requirements above can be permitted to register as a single module student. Students who are successful at studying for one module and are awarded credits may be eligible to enrol for further modules. 

English Language Requirement:

  • IELTS 7 overall and a minimum of 6.5 in the other elements, or equivalent qualification.