2 years
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Full-time & Part-time
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Local students
USD 16,769
GBP 11,900
Foreign students
USD 16,769
GBP 11,900
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About this course

During you time here you will study and understand specific computing environments in relation to the development and implementation of a given computer application.

Investigate the requirements of a given application and specify, evaluate and justify alternative approaches to the implementation of a computer application within a given environment.

You will acquire specific skills needed to contribute to the development of computer based applications and demonstrate the necessary interpersonal and communication skills to operate effectively within a project team

Skills and Knowledge Developed: You will gain an understanding and knowledge of information technologies and their organisational context together with a wide range of skills to enable them to analyse requirements, and to assist in the development of computer systems to meet these needs.

During the course an appreciation of how PC networks (systems/software) will be set up, maintained and evaluated gaining sufficient knowledge to make informed judgements when advising organisations on the requirements for small business computer systems software, hardware and development tools. You will develop commercial programming skills using a standard design methodology and well as understanding and development of web technologies.

Entry Requirements

Level 3 BTEC qualification in IT or appropriate combination of A-levels including IT.