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About this course

Open to graduates from any art school it not only acts like a club, or a support network, but it is also structured to provide an environment that helps graduates sustain their momentum. It focuses on development of creative practice and pathways for professional growth. Each programme is a year long and built around salon-style sessions, graduates present their work to one another, and discuss its genesis and direction, as a meeting of equal professionals. The idea is to provide a forum which offers stimulus, and positive critique, in a sympathetic setting.

Our Post-Graduate Programme members find that these sessions sustain their motivation, iron out problems, and generate new ideas. Being a practicing artist can be a lonely affair, and the chance to meet regularly with others who are in the same boat can provide the impetus to keep going. The Post-Graduate Programme also encourages finding opportunities to exhibit work and the Academy helps facilitate a group show of members of the Programme at the end of the year.

Entry Requirements

Art Academy alumni are required to submit a recent portfolio of work and an artist's statement. They will then speak in person or on the phone to either Principal Tanya Russell or Vice Principal Rob Pepper about their artistic intentions.

Non Art Academy applicants should have graduated from a fine art degree or equivalent, have a good portfolio of recent work, a CV and an artists statement. They also need to complete the Academy application form and will be asked to attend an interview. They should be able to demonstrate competency in spoken and written English.