A-Level Psychology

Bournville College (merged with South & City College Birmingham)
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
Foundation / Pre-U / A-level
Study mode
2 years
Total tuition fee (local)
USD 1,870
Total tuition fee (foreign)
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Entry Requirements

  • The entry requirement for A level is 5 GCSEs, grades C or above, including Mathematics. The applicant must have a minimum of grade B in English Language and Science at GCSE.


Unit 1 looks at key topics in psychology and their application to everyday life.  This involves studying Cognitive Psychology, memory models and applications; Developmental Psychology, how children form attachments and their long term effects; Research methods, including the different ways psychologists study human behaviour.

Unit 2 looks at Biological Psychology and the link between stress and illness; Social Psychology, social influence, which explains why we conform and obey authority; Individual Differences, where abnormality is explored in terms of definitions, explanations and treatments. This provides a good foundation to go on to study psychology at a higher level.

Unit 3 involves the study of Gender and how we acquire a sense of being male or female; Eating Behaviour, includes investigating attitudes to eating and eating disorders and Relationships, including how they form and why they break down. (50%)

Unit 4  involves the study of psychopathology, allowing students to choose from schizophrenia, depression, phobic disorders and OCD; the contemporary issue of Addiction, specifically the area of alcohol and drugs; Finally, Methods in psychological research are examined alongside the application of inferential statistical tests. (50%)

Assessment is by examination only.  There will be two 1.5 hour examination in the first year worth 50% and a further 1.5 hour and 2 hour examination in the second year in June worth 50%.

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