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Informatics Academy


Informatics Academy announces collaboration with Startup Jobs Asia

28 Nov 2016

Informatics graduates to get career headstart opportunities with startup companies


11 November 2016 – Informatics Academy today announced the partnership with Startup Jobs Asia in offering a niche online jobs portal for the students and alumni of Informatics. Informatics graduates will be able to tap on this free resource to gain access to job placements with startup companies in the region once they have completed their course of study.

Mr Kendrick Tan, Group General Manager, Informatics Academy said: “This marks the beginning of our collaboration with Startup Jobs Asia for the benefit of our graduates. We are pleased to know that our graduates’ experience is in demand in the startup environment.” He added, “Through this platform, our graduates are given ample opportunities to acquire valuable exposure and experience, be it overseas or in Singapore. Where most people opt to work with large-sized corporate institutions, we strongly encourage and challenge our graduates to explore this possibility and make the decisive move once they are convinced that this is the route for them. That way, they are able to achieve social mobility, a trait of Informatics graduates and key to gaining success.”

In a startup environment, graduates have the flexibility to develop new and bold ideas while employers carefully identify fresh graduates with high potential and groom them to be professionals and specialists in their area of interest and specialty.

Mr Ben Chew, Founder of Startup Jobs Asia, said: “As the voice for startup hire within Asia, this is our regional effort to encourage graduates to take on new and exciting roles offered by the various startup companies from Asia. Jobseekers who visit Startup Jobs Asia’s platform understand that there are only startup companies here, and no corporate organisations. Thus their expectations are managed and benchmarked according to startup standards.” He added, “We do not impose any fee or hidden charge to employers or job seekers and all parties benefit from this arrangement.”

To sign up and view jobs available at the online job portal, Informatics graduates may submit their resumes through the Informatics website to begin applying for the jobs ( Employers will receive the job applications directly from the job seekers, comprising Informatics alumni and students.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Michelle Zhang
Head of Recruitment & Marketing
DID: (65) 6580 4569

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