Master of Arts in Photography in Cultural Studies

Warsaw School of Photography and Graphic Design
Warszawa, Mazowieckie, Poland
Master's Degree
Study mode
2 years
Total tuition fee (local)
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Total tuition fee (foreign)
USD 11,885

Entry Requirements

  • Have a BA in Photography or in any related field. 
  • Have BA in any other field of studies.
  • An adequate level of understanding and communication in English is required.


  1. Students will take English Language courses during their stay at our school to improve their English. 
  2. Students with little experience in photography have to take a preparatory year before pursuing the MA programme. To know if you are required to take the preparatory year, you should send 10 files of your photography work (each in JPEG, RGB, less than 1 MB, labelled with your full name and a corresponding number 1 to 10) and a short CV with you previous experience in photography to together with your application form. 


The candidate to an M.A. degree should take 17 photography courses in two years. 10 of them may be chosen from the following list:

  • Expressive and Humanistic Photography *
  • A Phenomenology of the Image. Visual Communication *
  • Photojournalism and Journalistic Ethics *
  • Photojournalism and Documentary Photography 
  • Advanced photojournalism
  • Illustrative and Advertising Photography I *
  • Illustrative and Advertising Photography II
  • Creative Photography I *
  • Creative Photography II
  • Creative Portrait Photography
  • Psychological Portrait Photography
  • Landscape Photography I including the Zone System *
  • Landscape Photography II
  • Creative Techniques in Photography
  • Large Format Photography *
  • Studio Photography *
  • Fashion Photography I
  • Fashion Photography II
  • History of photography I *
  • History of Photography II
  • History of Contemporary Photography
  • History of Art I *
  • History of Art II
  • History of Contemporary Art
  • Artistic photography in New Media. Video Art
  • Film Postproduction
  • Staged Photography
  • Black and White Archival Darkroom Techniques *
  • Exhibition quality black and white, analogue prints on gelatin silver   paper
  • Exhibiting Photographs. Tour of important galleries and photo festivals and direct contact with their curators
  • Photo Edition for Publications
  • Coaching
  • Digital Imaging and Printing Techniques *
  • Advanced Digital Imaging and Printing Techniques
  • New technologies in the Postproduction of Photographs
  • Professional Digital Retouching
  • Media copyright and basic intellectual property law

Note: In the academic year 2014-2015 only the courses marked with a (*) will be taught from the following list. Beginning in 2015-2016 all courses will be taught.

The seven other courses will be based on seminars, individual artistic and professional projects and work on an M.A. Thesis.

Additional required courses to be taken at the Warsaw University of Humanities during two years:

  • Aesthetics I 
  • Aesthetics II 
  • Philosophy of Culture I
  • Philosophy of Culture II
  • Anthropology of the Word 
  • Anthropology of Spectacles
  • English Language (two years)
  • Cultural Grants from the European Union
  • Selected Topics in Contemporary Philosophy
  • Research Methods in Cultural Studies and their Practical Applications 
  • Audiovisual Anthropology
  • Anthropology of Everyday Life

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