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Creative Business: an international career in marketing, business and media

Creative Business (CB) is a state of the art degree programme that prepares students for a career in the global creative business. It focuses on the latest developments in international marketing, media and business innovation.

Global focus

From day one students work in cross-cultural international teams, and on cross-border projects such as introducing a European innovation to the Middle East. Students and teaching staff come from all over the world, and students will spend at least one semester working or studying abroad. This helps them to develop into a flexible and creative professional with an entrepreneurial mind set, ready for an (international) career in creative business.

Personal learning path

CB students build on their professional profile and personal brand by creating their own learning paths that match their interests and needs. If you are you an engaged student who wants to do something extra, one can consider participating in the honours program. Students can complete the full Honours Programme, do an additionally challenging internship or follow an additional course. An example of the latter is to work on a global marketing project together with a project team from an Australian university. This requires a flexible approach to working, which may involve early morning or evening participation. This way students gain experience commensurate with international activities within professional practice. By doing extra these activities, having a great portfolio and contacts, you'll be more attractive for the professional practice.


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