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Counseling Wellness Week 2018

The Department of Student Affair Counselling Guidance Unit organised the Counselling Wellness Week (CWW) 2018 at Sungai Long Campus from 12-14 June 2018. The event featured exhibitions, relevant games, activities and talks. Themed ‘Living in Gratitude: A Journey of Healing’, the event aimed to spread the awareness of feeling grateful in life and also to set a platform for students to acquire skills that would enable them to live better.

Prof Ma

Professional writer Ma Long presented a talk titled “The Power of Thank You: Can Change Your Life”. The talk focused on the power of gratitude and explained how the word, “thank you” can change one’s life. In his talk, he advised students to appreciate the little things in life, to focus their attention on what is pleasurable rather than distressing themselves over little issues. He also provided the participants with information and knowledge that could help them realise their strength in facing life challenges. He said, “The same fact can be very different when you see it from another perspective. Sometimes we just need a different angle to help us see things as they really are.” He also shared with the audience about the water molecule experiment, which was done by Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto, in order to highlight the importance of positive thinking and to show the great power of thoughts and emotions.

The second talk, titled “Four Colours Personality Analysis: Knowing Self, Understanding Other”, saw Focus Personality Analysis (Malaysia) Ng Chian Jean using the colour personality test to assess and help participants to know more about themselves and why people react to certain situations in a certain way. In relation to the colour red, blue, yellow and green, Ng shared about the four basic personality types and analysed each of its strength while giving insight into the potential downsides of each type. He added, “It is perfectly normal if you have more than one colour. Some people might have bits of each colour personality, although some colours may be more predominant than the rest.”

Vincent Leong from Plato Experiential Consultancy conducted a workshop titled, “Keep Calm and Rasakan Gratitude”. He shared on ways to experience and show gratitude in life. Some of the highlights he mentioned in the workshop were self-reflection, self-acknowledgement and self-worth. He said, “We must remember that the only person who can help us is ourselves. We have to cultivate the best in ourselves. We have to accept our good and ugly sides to acknowledge ourselves.”

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