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External examiner visits UTAR

Prof Mariana Sigala sharing her experiences with the students

Prof Mariana Sigala sharing her experiences with the students

Centre of Tourism and Leisure Management (CTLM) Director and Tourism School of Management lecturer Prof Mariana Sigala from the University of South Australia (UNISA) Business School visited the Faculty of Accountancy and Management at Sungai Long Campus from 9 April 2018 to 11 April 2018.

Prof Mariana came as an external examiner with the purpose of examining the quality of the International Business Programme as to ensure that the standards of the programme are well maintained and consistent with the global requirement. Part of her role was to oversee the structure and content, monitor the academic standards and teaching of programmes, moderate summative assessed work at module and programme, evaluate all forms of assessment which contribute to students’ degree results, ensure fairness and consistency in the assessment process and review examination papers and its assessment methods.

“I’ve seen several things that UTAR has done quite well. I am satisfied with the facilities over in UTAR as well as the commitment level from the lecturers in providing the best quality of teaching for students as well as directing the students and giving very good feedback. When lecturers commit time for the students, this is a privilege for the university. I’ve seen students being responsible in attending the class to learn and interact and this is evidence that they value these classes,” said Prof Marianna. She added, “In UNISA, we replicate everything online and we give access to students of the lectures which is in video clips. This gives students the flexibility to access to the knowledge even when they do not attend classes. All learning materials, book, journals and assignment can be found in the online portal. However, with this advancement, students do not see the value to physically attend classes in university to meet people and do networking.”

“I think it is important that when one studies, one has to value the time of your studies and when one is working, he or she has to value the time of work. If you try to do everything, you would end up doing nothing. I think the students here have the opportunity to build networks and deep friendship with other people, they will find it useful later. Students need to be more open and ask questions and discuss when they are in class because that is a way of learning. Even if the question is too big, you should not be afraid to ask, you’ll learn by asking,” said Prof Marianna.

“Students need to explore the area of the research project. It is also very useful to publish their results in industry publication either online or offline because that is how they can put their name in the industry and have an exposure and create new networks for future career opportunities. I think it is important for students to select topics that are practical to the sector they are interested in to further their career. Students could also translate these theses into publication such as magazine, newspaper or even online blog. I think it is important for someone to have good research skills, such as research methodology skills that can give you reliable data. One also has to be critical and analytical in doing research to provide results that value to the people,” said Prof Marianna about being a good researcher.

When ask about the meaning of success, Prof Mariana said, “It is important to do what you love. If you don’t do what you love, you’re wasting your life.”

Prof Marianna teaching ‘Global Business Management’ topic

Prof Marianna teaching ‘Global Business Management’ topic 

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