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Drone Competition

TAR UC Quartet Pilots to Champion Title

Four TAR UC students soared above the competition to be named champions at the All Rounded Drone Competition (‘ARDC’) 2018 held from 24 – 25 November 2018 at the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (‘UTAR’) Sungai Long Campus.

Yee Mun Jun, Jordan Chew, Yem Jie, and Ong Wei Shin – all who are Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) students – topped a 12-team lineup including teams from Monash University, HELP University, Taylor’s University, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Nilai University, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, and UTAR to walk away as the victors.

The competition organised by the UTAR Makers Club tested the teams’ ability to design, manufacture, operate and pilot a drone. Teams are also judged on aesthetics, efficiency and practicality of their drones.

“Every team had 24 hours to design their respective drones before our creations were put through several tests such as flying through an obstacle course, landing at specific checkpoints, and an endurance test,” elaborated Yem Jie.

“Our success was hinged on the design and build of our drone. We had to perfect every element involved; balance, weight, practicality, aesthetics and choice of materials have to be on point in order for our drone to succeed in the challenges. Not to mention we only have 24 hours to finish building a fully operational drone,” added Mun Jun.

The team was thankful to the assistance and guidance provided by the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (‘FOET’) in preparing them for this competition.

“We want to thank Ts Dr Chew Khoon Hee (Dean of FOET) for highlighting the potential issues we might encounter in the competition and giving us pointers on how to overcome them and how to work as a team,” said Mun Jun.

So what did the team achieve from this experience?

“Apart from the obvious recognition as champions and the prize (one drone for each team member), we think the knowledge we gained from participating in this competition is the most valuable to our aspirations and interest in the 3D space,” quipped Mun Jun with a smile.

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(From left) Yem Jie, Wei Shin, Mun Jun, and Jordan posing with their champion’s plaque won at the All Rounded Drone Competition.

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