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Taylor’s University

Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Taylor's Recognised For Its Teaching Quality at the World Education Congress in India

30 Oct 2015

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tang Siew Fun, the Director of the Integrated Teaching & Lifelong Learning Centre at Taylor's (INTELLECT), was recently invited to speak at the World Education Congress (WEC) in Mumbai (India). She was also recognised with the “Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education” for her work in teaching engagement assessment and academic development. The focus of WEC is to influence the development of educational pedagogy, to provide exposure to latest education tools and technologies, as well as to encourage collaboration and partnership among Institutions.


The particular focus of the 2015 conference was on the "Evolving Trends in Education" with the theme "If not now, when?". Dr. Tang's presentation was focused on the Taylor's "Teaching Enhancement Plan". Other presenters included  Hon. Mingbo Dupka,  Minister of Education, Royal Government of Bhutan,  Dr. Jamiu Busari, Maastricht University (The Netherlands), Dr. Jasmine Renner from East Tennessee State University (USA) and Dr. Chris Hill from the University of Nottingham-Malaysia.  The Integrated Teaching and Life-long Learning Center at Taylor’s (INTELLECT) is focused on the provision of relevant, innovative, and excellent teaching and learning experiences at Taylor's. Furthermore, the Taylor's Teaching and Educational Development (TED) unit complements the work of the academic staff to create excellence in teaching through practice, development, and innovation. For more information about INTELLECT and the key role it plays in enhancing the learning environment at Taylor's University, please visit the official website.

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