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Sunway College AUSMAT Program: Top Global Rankings and Awards

Sunway College AUSMAT high achievers and award winners for the WACE examination

Students participating in Sunway College's Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) program, once again, demonstrated exceptional academic achievements during the November sitting of the Western Australia Certificate of Education (WACE) examination.

An impressive 32% of these students have earned the prestigious distinction of being ranked among the top 10% globally, with seven world awards for their outstanding performances.

Additionally, 55% of AUSMAT graduates attained an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) score of 80 or above, placing them in the top 20% worldwide; and 74% have secured a position in the top 30% globally, showcasing exceptional ATAR scores of 70 and above.

Among the highest achievers are Mireille Kho Wyern with ATAR of 99.85, Tei Chun Wei with ATAR of 99.6, Arshinie Saravanan with ATAR of 99.55, Wendy Khong Wenxin with ATAR of 99.35, Tan Zi Shan with ATAR of 99.3, and Shelley Song Si Ni with ATAR of 99.

Mireille Kho Wyern, who achieved an impressive ATAR score of 99.85, emphasizes, “Through Sunway AUSMAT, I have learnt to become more resilient and optimistic in the face of challenges.”

In recognition of her accomplishments, Mireille Kho Wyern was also honored with the Special Subject Certificate of Excellence in Chemistry.

“Don't give up; just keep your head up and focus on what is in front of you,” - Mireille Kho Wyern

Wendy Khong Wenxin received two Special Subject Certificates of Excellence in Mathematics Methods and Business Management and Enterprise, while Cheryl Lee Xin Qian also received a Special Subject Award and a Special Subject Certificate of Excellence award for English as an Additional Language or Dialect.

While time management was a challenge, Wendy Khong Wenxin highlights, “Overcoming it has helped me develop essential skills that will prove valuable in the future.”

Nyam May Anne and Yee Shinnie, recipients of the Special Subject Certificate of Excellence in English as an Additional Language or Dialect, echo the sentiment that consistency is the key to success in the AUSMAT program.

As a parting piece of advice, Nyam suggests finding a study method that works well and sticking to it, or occasionally switching it up to keep it interesting, much like choosing a study area or selecting music to listen to.

AUSMAT, short for Australian Matriculation, is a pre-university program that is recognized worldwide. It helps students get ready for admission into Australian universities or other institutions globally. 

This program follows the education system of Australia and offers a complete curriculum. It aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for success in higher education. 

AUSMAT focuses on developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and independent learning skills. It prepares students not only for academic excellence but also for the challenges they may encounter in their future pursuits.

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