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American College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland


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About American College Dublin

American College Dublin, Ireland, was established in 1993 as a non-profit educational trust. ACD has full charitable status in Ireland.

The College is located on Merrion Square in in the heart of Dublin in three restored Georgian houses, one of which is the former home of Oscar Wilde.

The mission of American College Dublin is to offer the best of Irish and American higher education in an intimate environment underpinned by the holistic liberal arts model of learning, enabling students to realize their potential and participate successfully in the world. The College seeks to provide a high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate education: one that is rigorous, stimulating and valuable. The institution emphasizes the core values of academic excellence, innovation, ethical integrity and multiculturalism. The institutional ethos and programmes of study inculcate and reflect the best of the Irish and American higher education traditions, engaging the student in an educational experience that is active, participative and challenging. American College Dublin upholds the highest standards of ethical conduct in all its activities, including support for academic freedom, appropriate disclosure of information to the institution’s stakeholders, equality of access and opportunity. The College aims to instil a passion for education that advances the development of the individual’s talents and a process of lifelong learning.

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