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Geosciences provide an important contribution for the sustainable use of the earth’s resources, including rock, minerals and mineral ores, natural gas and crude oil, water, and geothermic energy. They all share a part in the use of underground spaces for foundations and spaces for building.  Its broad scope of application includes:

  • Exploration and production of fossil fuels and renewable energy sources such as crude oil, natural gas, and carbon, as well as geothermal energy deep under the surface.
  • Investigation into the origin and structure of mineral deposits
  • Exploration of the structure and traits of minerals for the production of new materials
  • Study of the interaction between foundation and structure
  • Prediction of landslides and rock deformation, e.g. as part of tunnel and dam construction
  • Procuration of and renewable use of ground water
  • Analysis of geodynamic processes that lead to earthquakes, among other things
  • Determination of stone formation as a result of powerful forces within the earth

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Entry Requirements

  • Relevant qualifications accepted by the University.