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Jacobs University, Germany


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Why Study in Jacobs University


Jacobs University aims to educate students for both an academic and a professional career. Students are required to complete mandatory internships in order to gain first job experiences. Events such as internship days, career fairs, and meetings with potential employers are organized by our dedicated Career Service Center in order to support the students' professional development.

Student Friendly

Merit-based scholarships and financial aid packages make it possible for students from diverse social and cultural background to study at Jacobs University. Germany's attractive employment policies (work while you study, right to settle upon graduation) are an additional advantage.

Internationally Recognized Degree

Earn an internationally recognized degree in a broad range of in-demand fields at one of Germany’s top private English-speaking universities. Jacobs University has consistently achieved top ranking since first participating in the CHE ranking in 2005.

A Global Community

Students from over 100 nations live and learn at Jacobs University forming an ambitious campus community whose internationality is unprecedented in Europe. Jacobs University students are globally connected.

Courses Offered



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About Jacobs University

Jacobs University is a private, research-oriented, state accredited university with a broad portfolio of pre-degree, undergraduate and graduate study programs from the natural and social sciences, engineering, and economics. We attract highly talented and open-minded students from every corner of the world to our beautiful residential campus in Bremen, Germany. At Jacobs University, all programs are taught in English, and classes are small and interactive. Professors follow a trans-disciplinary approach, addressing issues from multiple perspectives in addition to acting as personal mentors and academic advisors. Students are actively involved in research from their first year of study. Extensive extracurricular activities support and strengthen our students’ personal development. More than 1,300 students from over 100 nations currently live and study on our residential campus. 

In Germany’s most comprehensive and detailed university ranking by the Center for Higher Education (CHE), Jacobs University has consistently achieved top marks since first participating in 2005.

Jacobs University offers merit-based partial scholarships to applicants. In addition, individualized financial aid packages make it possible for students to study at our university regardless of their financial background or nationality.


Imagine a Special Place in Germany ...

Latest News

Jacobs University student wins the Science Prize of the Society for Data Security

For her Masters thesis on improving the security of data transmissions, Nazia Sarwat Islam has been awarded the Science Prize ...

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Embrace Big Challenges

More than 2.3 million Euro ($2.500.000) in EU grants for mathematics research at Jacobs University. Mathematics Professor Dierk Schleicher was ...

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Are you ready for your future?

It begins on the residential campus of Jacobs University in the beautiful hanseatic city of Bremen, thousands of miles away ...

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Someone who cares...

His way to work is short. Since this summer, Robert Rennie has been living on the campus of Jacobs University ...

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It's more fun in Germany!

Jacobs University welcomed over 280 undergraduate students from all corners of the world during the Orientation Week 2016. The freshies ...

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