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Course Recommender

— For the undecided few

You want to study in the US, UK or Malaysia. You also want to go for Bachelor's degree. But you are just not sure what to study. Should I study Business? Maybe Journalism? Law? Are these questions tearing you apart? We have developed this course recommender based on the psychometric test designed by the Psychology Department of HELP University. While we can't guarantee it will answer your questions, we hope it gives you some clarity and guidance. Go for it!

To provide recommendations we mix the following ingredients together:

Study preferences

Do you wanna study in your own country or abroad? Do you wanna study Bachelor's or Master's degree? Narrow down your search.


Answer 30 questions that tests your personality. Are you confident around strangers? Do you prefer to go out or stay at home? Are you easy to get along with?


Do you like arranging books in library or organizing community activities? Would you like teaching kids? How about cooking? There are 48 questions that test your interests. Combined with questions about your personality we can recommend subjects and matching courses and programs.


Find a list of recommended career options, broad subject areas to consider to pursue, and matching courses and programs. You can filter the results by country, level of study, subject and other options. Connect with them by requesting information.