Centre for Arts and Technology, Kelowna, Canada

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Centre for Arts and Technology

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About Centre for Arts and Technology, Kelowna, Canada (Summary, Fees, Scholarship, Campus Life, etc.)

Centre for Arts and Technology (CAT) is one of Canada’s leading digital arts and technical training colleges. Students come to CAT to develop their creative skills, tap into specialized industry expertise and to turn their passion into a profession. CAT has an international reputation for graduating students in filmmaking, animation, audio engineering, fashion design, event management, interior design, photography, graphic design and network security. The college is more than an institute of learning, it is a thriving creative community that offers students a unique opportunity to become part of an amazing, collaborative experience that extends beyond graduation and remains a source of inspiration for years to come.

Exceptional Facilities
At CAT, you can expect to enjoy access to some of the most advanced creative and digital technologies available. Over 28,000 square feet of learning spaces effortlessly blend art and creativity with the technology that drives innovation. Facilities include advanced digital recording studios, a film production studio, industry-standard design and animation labs, and multi-purpose event spaces.

Industry Expertise
At CAT, teaching is rooted in the real world. Our instructors have commercial as well as creative credentials and are driven by a desire to see students succeed. Graduate from the highest-level of a program at Centre for Arts and Technology and you’ll graduate ready for the world of work. Our specially designed courses are compressed into a short, intensive timeline, delivering outstanding outcomes while allowing you to build stronger skills and to develop a deep understanding of the tools and materials you need to succeed. A Professional Development Program incorporated into all CAT programs provides you with the opportunity to improve your business skills, and will help you to further your career interests with a focus on fostering the right attitudes for independent achievement, successful team working and positive communications.

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